It’s been a while….


Hi all (more than 3 now I believe)

Sorry it has been a while but been mega busy clearing out old stock to make way for new models & stock. Anyway, I think we are pretty close to where we want to be, so we are now back with a bang!!! Introducing a 2016 Porsche 991 Generation II Turbo S to our stock certainly puts a smile on my face. I thought I would include some of the specifications about this car :

Engine : 3.800 cc, flat 6 twin-turbocharged (18,574 miles)

Transmission : 7-speed PDK, four wheel drive

Top speed : 205mph with 0-60mph @ 2.9 seconds

Torque (lb ft) : 553 @ 2,250-4,000 rpm

With that mileage on the engine, the engine just sounds awesome. Stopping power is via PCCB ceramic brake calipers with monstrous sized brake discs/rotors. There are many gadgets on this model….we haven’t discovered them all yet!!!! I am trying to stop the guys drooling over the car but I am afraid that is a losing battle. It has sustained some heavy damage to the right hand side but the important bits are all in good shape.

I will be listing and photographing all the parts as they are removed, so keep your peepers peeled for some ace parts over the coming weeks.

All the best

Mac McGovern

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Porsche 996 C4S in Meridian Silver


Hi to each & everyone

Introducing a good looking C4S in meridian silver that we recently got in. It has sustained front tub damage which can be easily fettled but apart from that it is in good nick. Many Goochie parts, good 3.6 engine, big Red Brembos and factory fitted Aero kit rear spoiler. All in all, a doozer….although somebody had decided to ‘liberate’ the PCM before I got the vehicle, the light fingered little tinkers.

We had done really well getting our stock levels down to a manageable level over the last year with the impending move to a new location but now I feel a bit swamped again. Oh well, best get busy selling parts again!!

On a personal note, I lost a good friend recently due to a motorcycle accident. Though we were countries apart, we spoke often and he visited whenever he was in the UK and I had also visited him in Poland too. He was an avid Porsche fanatic and an all round good guy and I will miss chatting to him & talking car bollocks. We had hit it off from day one and it truly saddens me that I won’t see him again. Plus, I am sure he owed me a pint so I will be claiming that back when we meet again, hopefully upstairs. RIP Oskar

Till next time

Mac McGovern

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Cold Winter…need new premises pronto


Hi all (three of you now…result)

Well that was a cold Winter with all this Beast from the East palaver and the like. Andy is getting sooooo soft these days, he only left his cup of water out for a matter of a few short hours and it froze solid…and then had the cheek to moan about it?? My first thought was excellent jubbly just there pal…for those of you who don’t know what a jubbly is, well it’s normally a flavoured frozen ice lolly but we are very tight up North, so its a big ice cube in reality 🙂 Pfft…next he will be asking for gloves & heating or something else nesh (soft). Andy, shhhhh….no one cares 🙂

We have had a good clear out at the unit lately and hopefully will move a few more engines, gearboxes, body shells and other ‘big’ stuff soonish as we have decided to uplift ourselves to a brand new unit closer to home (for me…not him). We have enjoyed our stay at the old place but its well, old, so I reckon its time to move on to pastures new….might even take Andy with me but I will take advice on that one 🙂 Hopefully we will be taking on a new member or two to the team this coming year…one on the spanners and one helping with the admin stuff, so that I can take more time off to drink Merlot & eat canapes whilst considering the meaning of life and the pros & cons of quantum cryptography. I will keep you informed of any progress on this topic if I am sober enough to understand any of it.

I have still got my peepers open for new cars to work on but we are concentrating on selling parts off at the moment due to the imminent move to utopia. I would like to get my grubby mitts on a Panamera or Macan or similar ilk, just out of curiosity really but will buy anything of interest from the Porsche world. In my defence if I am left unsupervised for far too long then it could end in tears big time, as I have tried to explain to people in the past but nobody seems to listen to me. I have neither the time nor the crayons to explain this to them more than once.

Right think that is all for the time being.


All the best

Mac McGovern

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Look what we have here…

DSCF0875DSCF0876DSCF0877DSCF0878DSCF0879DSCF0881Hi there

Oh look what I have stumbled on, a 968 convertible in black. Quite a rare beast to dismantle these days. Loads of Gucci parts on this 968, good low mileage engine running well (91,000), manual gearbox/transmission, 993 leather interior, convertible roof, cup mirrors etc all in black. These parts will sell themselves eazy peezy lemon squeezy. Easily repairable to somebody half competent or a good source of spare parts to be had.


I thought I would include in the blog our latest food fad to feed the fire whilst we are working. To the peasants out there who don’t know that these are liquorice allsorts…..well they are!!! Food of the Gods and guaranteed to increase muscle strength by at least 100% but I don’t have any data or facts to back this statement up so you will just have to believe me 🙂 Also if you eat too many at once then you feel sick…just saying. See medical advice as well as informative stuff…#winner.


Anyways, will sign off for now till the next time. Will be posting ‘soonish’…2018 more blogs and all that.

Mac McGovern


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Porsche porn….


Hi all (both of you)

Now call me old fashioned and a bit ‘anoraky’ but I still like reading about my subject matter. Whilst other folk like to read a good novel (and fair play to them), I like nothing better than to read about mechanical gubbins and the like….especially Porsche mechanical gubbins to be precise. I actually enjoy reading how certain systems work on the different models…and now after re-reading this I now realise that I really really need to get out more and maybe integrate with society a bit more than maybe I have done in the past 🙂

As an aside, we will be selling off a slack handful of engines in the next few weeks that we have not advertised yet so that we can make some room in the workshop…to be honest, I am sick of tripping over the soddin’ things!!! Anyways the engines coming up for sale on an exchange basis are :

911 3.2 engine from a 1987 model

964 3.6 engine from a 1990 model

944 3.0 engine from a 1990 S2 model

996 3.4 engine from a 2001 model

996 3.6 engine from a 2003 model

997 3.6 engine from a 2005 model

955 3.2 engine from a 2004 model

So, if you are like me and get excited by this kinda thing then dig deep guys as I would like to retire early and spend my last days on a tropical beach being pampered by a bevvy of naked busty girls serving unlimited amounts of beer whilst I read how the internal workings of the flat 6 pan out… long as my wife says that is ok then I am golden. Peace out.

All the best

Mac McGovern

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Porsche 996 C4 3.6


Hi all

Firstly hope everyone had a great Christmas & New Year, I know I did :0 Just to let you know that we now have coupe C4 3.6 996 in stock (see photos). Good looking thing with a good looking graphite grey interior with front Sports seats, no airbags deployed, Bose sound system and a working PCM as an added bonus.

Engine is nice and quiet & the gearbox is smooth in operation. Obviously the engine will be scoped before selling but I do not envisage any problems on that score. One of the expensive headlights survived the front end collision, so good news there. All in all, a good looking motor to be recycled.

Right then, best crack on as there is much work to do.

All the best

Mac McGovern

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Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year

Hi there

Would just like to wish everybody who knows us a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from all of the team here and hopefully you all had a good 2017. We have enjoyed another successful year and hopefully in 2018 it will be onwards and upwards in the world of Porsche.

Got some nice cars coming into stock early next year…some damaged repairables too which will be sold as they are but will let you know the details when we have them.

All the best

Mac McGovern

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